Co-pilot Qiu Shiming (邱世明) was arrested by the Shenzhen Public Security Border Protection Group on the evening of June 29 for economic crime investigation

By Weedy Tan

June 30, 2017

Terry Gou - Wikimedia Commons - photo by dilma rousseff

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The Gulfstream G650 private jet with registration number B-99988 of Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou (郭台銘) was scheduled to leave the Shenzhen International Airport at 10:00 p.m. on June 29 for Taiwan. However, Mr. Qiu Shiming, the co-pilot belonging to the private aircraft fleet of Gou was taken away by the China Public Security Border Protection Group upon entering the Shenzhen International Airport at 8:00 p.m. and up to the present, he was not yet released. Naturally, he could not carry out his mission for Chairman Gou after his arrest.

Informed sources disclosed that when co-pilot Mr. Qiu was taken away, the reason given was he is needed to assist in the investigation related to an economic crime.

After the acquisition of Sharp, Gou had been actively and aggressively participating in the bidding for the semiconductor business of Toshiba. Even with the continuing distrust of the Japanese government officials that there will be a risk of technical outflow by the Hon Hai Group as well as suspicion that there is Chinese money involved, Gou announced with confidence on the June 22 Hon Hai stockholders meeting that “Hon Hai is not yet out of the running for the acquisition of Toshiba and we have more than 50% chance of succeeding”. At the same time, Gou emphasized that the acquisition will come purely from his own investment and there is no Chinese money involved. Instead, Gou accused his opponents of having Chinese investments and seems to be drawing a line with China.

With its stride towards the world, the Hon Hai Group had announced its intention of investing in the United States of America after the vocal pronouncement of Made in USA plan of US President Donald Trump. There was even market news that Hon Hai intends to bring the production of iPhone back to the US mainland. The Hon Hai Group even planned to invest in artificial intelligence and robotic technologies in the US. However, the plan of the Hon Hai Group to invest in the US has already caused the concerns of high-level authorities in Beijing.

Even though Terry Gou has already emphasized that he will not reduce his investment in China but at this sensitive time, the arrest of Gou’s co-pilot Qiu Shiming on the night of June 29 with the reason of assisting the investigation of economic crime is highly critical. Whether this is a case involving only Qiu or connected with the activities of Terry Gou or his Hon Hai Group remains to be seen.

Mr. Zhu Wenmin (朱文敏), the Director of the Public Relations Office of the Hon Hai Group, said that the company has no knowledge of this news and he is not authorized to issue any statement.

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