Daan Forest Park 大安森林公園

Daan Forest Park is located at the center of the Daan District of Taipei City and is accessible by Taipei Metro (MRT), bus and YouBike, the now ubiquitous Taipei Bike Rental Sharing System. This park was created in 1994 after the eviction of longtime squatters and the demolition of illegal buildings on the municipal land.

Daan Forest Park is the “lungs of Taipei City” and it has several pavilions, children’s playgrounds, jogging loop, strolling paths, ecological pond, skating rink, and amphitheater. It also has an underground parking garage.

The park has a variety of trees, plants, flowers, and several species of ducks, egrets, and turtles. In fact, you will occasionally see a lot of photographers with their big zoom lens taking pictures of rare small bird species.

Below are some pictures of Daan Forest Park:



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And lastly, you can enjoy a quiet moment in the park:


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