Hiking – Datun Nature Park > Erziping > Datunping > Mt. Datun > Anbu > Erziping Visitor Center

Hiking is fun and convenient in Taipei City (台北市).

It is easy to take a bus from within Taipei City and go to Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園) where you will find many well-maintained hiking trails that will bring you to different mountains. The bus ride is about one hour. In fact, if you love hiking, it will take you several weekends to explore all these beautiful hiking trails that include old volcano with fumaroles and hot springs.

Below are a map and diagram that show the different hiking trails:

Map of Mt. Datun
Distance and Time between neighboring recreation sites

We took this trail: Datun Visitor Center >> (0.85 km / 15 min) >> Erziping Trail >> (1.4 km / 30 min) >> Erziping >> (1.3 km / 35 min) >> Datunping >> (0.6 km / 40 min) >> Mt Datun Main Peak >> (1.6 km / 70 min) >> Anbu >> (0.6 km / 20 min) >> Erziping Visitor Center >> (0.6 km / 15 min) >> Datun Visitor Center

On this hiking trip, I was with a group of friends and we drove from Taipei City and along the way, we stopped by Xiaoyoukeng (小油坑) and here are some pictures:

Fumarole at Xiaoyoukeng
Fumarole at Xiaoyou Keng
Pavilion at Xiaoyoukeng (小油坑)
Xiaoyoukeng Bridge (小油坑橋)
Xiaoyoukeng Bridge (小油坑橋)
Xiaoyoukeng Bridge (小油坑橋)

After Xiaoyoukeng, we drove to and parked at the Datun Nature Park Parking Lot No. 1 (大屯公園1號停車場).

A few meters away is the Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園):

Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)
Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)
Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)
Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)
Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)
Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)
Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)
Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)
Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園)

From Datun Nature Park, follow the directional sign and walk for about 0.85 km (about 15 minutes) to reach Erziping Trail (二子坪步道):

Directional Sign Post
Directional Sign Post

Walk about 1.4 km (about 30 minutes) along Erziping trail to reach Erziping itself.

Hiking Trail to Erziping
Hiking Trail to Erziping

From Erziping to Datunping, it is a distance of 1.3 km (about 35 minutes) and another 0.6 km (about 40 min) to reach Mt. Datun Main Peak:

Datunping distance marker post
Datunping distance marker post


Silvergrass along the trail of Datunping
Silvergrass along the trail of Datunping
To Mt. Datun Main Peak
Silvergrass along the trail of Datunping
Information about Mt. Datun
Silvergrass along the trail of Datunping
Datunping Pavilion
Datunping Pavilion
Directional Sign to Mt. Datun South and West Peak
Overlooking Taipei City at a distance
Overlooking Taipei City at a distance
Trail along Mt. Datun
View of the valley below from Mt. Datun
Autumn Silvergrass in the Sunset
Hazy view of Taipei City down below from Mt. Datun Main Peak

The distance from Mt. Datun Main Peak to Anbu Trail Entrance (鞍部登山口) is 1.6 km (about 70 min) and it is a very exhausting trip all the way down from top of the mountain to the street level of Bailaka Highway (白拉卡公路).

Directional Sign Post to Anbu Trail Entrance
Trail going down to Anbu
Trail going down to Anbu

It is an easy 0.6 km (20 min) walk on the edge of the highway from Anbu Trail Entrance to Erziping Visitor Center and another 0.6 km (15 min) to return to Datun Visitor Center.

All in all, it took us about 4-1/2 hours including rest and having lunch  in one of the resting pavilion.








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