In the 1980s, the place where Rareseed Ranch (瑞穗牧場) is located is a papaya farm and whenever there is a typhoon, all the papayas will go to waste due to the torrential rain brought about by the typhoon. And because of that, the farmers decided to go into cattle raising since pastures are not affected by typhoons.

Rareseed Ranch  瑞穗牧場
Rareseed Ranch

Since the area is located in the valley of the central mountain range of Taiwan where water are clean and pure, the grass for pasture were so fresh that the dairy cattle raised there produced a good amount of fresh milk. Rareseed Ranch (瑞穗牧場) is located in Ruisui Township in Hualien County, Taiwan.


The ranch is open to the public and they sell cheesecake, fresh cheese, ice cream and milk nougat ice products.