After biking for about 20 kilometers, I had “Sweet and Sour Pork Rice” for my dinner tonight in a Chinese restaurant.

The typical recipe:

Pork tenderloin – 300 grams
String beans – 200 grams
Green onion – a bunch
Garlic tip – a dash
Chicken egg – 1 piece

A Seasoning: Salt, rice wine, pepper (dash)
B Seasoning: Flour 15 grams, Cassava starch 20 grams
C Seasoning: Tomato catsup 2 spoonfuls, sugar 2 spoonfuls,
salt 1 spoonful, cassava starch 2 spoonfuls

1. Cut tenderloin meat into 1.5 cm size. Use knife’s back to lightly knock the meat surface and loosen the meat’s tendons. Then cut it into 3 cm x 2 cm strips. Add A seasoning and marinade for 10 minutes.
2. Put 1 egg in B seasoning and mix into a paste form. Put tenderloin meat into the paste and mix evenly.
3. Add 2 cups of oil into the pans and heat till it reached medium heat. Put in marinated tenderloin meat and fry for 1 minute then scoop it out. Wait for oil to heat up again to medium high heat, then put in the meat to fry again for another minute. Scoop out to drip off excess oil.
4. Leave about 1 spoonful of oil from the original pan and heat up. Put in onion, to saute the garlic.
5. Add C seasoning to tenderloin meat to thicken sauce. Turn over and fry for a few times and it is ready to serve.