The Alishan Forest Railway Train

by Weedy Tan       June 02, 2014

The Alishan Forest Railway Train

On my May 1st Labor Day vacation this year in the popular mountain resort of Alishan in Chiayi County, Taiwan, I took the train to see some of the tourist attractions including some centuries-old trees in the mountain of Alishan.

The railway was originally constructed for logging purpose by the Japanese Colonial Government in 1912 to facilitate the logging of cypress and Taiwania wood though it is now mainly a tourist attraction to carry tourists to the different parts of the mountain resort.

The Alishan Train Station
The Alishan Train Station

Above is the beautiful Alishan Train Station made of cypress wood and at the lower right of the picture is a natural wood stump shaped mysteriously into an elegant looking statue of sorts.

The Alishan Train
The Alishan Railway Train

The Alishan Forest Railway Train has destinations going to several areas of the resort. The main line runs from the City of Chiayi, elevation of 30 meters, to the final station of Alishan at an elevation of 2,216 meters above sea level.

Boarding Entrance
Boarding Entrance

The boarding gate to the Alishan Forest Railway Train Station, above, and below is the train tickets for 2 different destinations.

Alishan Train Tickets
Alishan Train Tickets

All in all, it was a very relaxing ride and was worth the trip.

The “daily prompt” to form the habit of blogging is a good excuse for me to continue writing about my recent trip.



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